Packing & Drinking. The night before a big adventure!

10 Feb 2016

Its been a very busy couple weeks! I was in Cayman Islands last week for a Film/Music Festival then came home to LA for 24 hours before going to San Francisco for some Super Bowl festivities. I had a quick 48 hour turnaround after that and now I’m heading on the next adventure. Couldn’t be more excited about this one!

Hint: it’s somewhere lush, green, and tropical. (Shocker!)

I’m excited to share the journey with everyone. Bear with me please as I figure out this blogging/vlogging format! I’ve overthought the process a million times and have wanted it to be up to par with my past travel television shows, but I’m a certified perfectionist procrastinator so it’s time to just get this started and do it guerilla style with somewhat pixelated (sorry!) selfie videos. (Already missing my cameramen!) Doing selfie videos in public should be interesting but couldn’t have been more comfortable with this first one. At home….in my bathroom…with a nice glass of wine!

Cheers to packing!

If you’d like to see more vlogs from this trip, subscribe to my YouTube as well as through this site for updates! I’ll keep them coming all week on here and throughout social media!


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